Home Speech Therapy

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Essential duties and responsabilites:

  • Takes and records temperature, pulse and respiration on all patients on all visits.
  • Measures intake and output.
  • Assists the patient in and out of bed and with other transfers.
  • Maintains body alignment.
  • Assists with the use of devices to aid daily living (i.e. walker wheelchair, and bedside commode) as instructed by the appropriate professional.
  • Perform simple procedures as an extension of all therapy services such as nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy etc., with the permission and supervision of the registered Nurse/Clinical Supervisor.
  • Assist with change of a colostomy bag.
  • Assist with the reinforcement of dressings.
  • Assist with the prescribed ice cap or collar.
  • Measured and prepare of special diet.
  • Assist with prescribed range of motion exercises.
  • Performed simple urine test for sugar, acetone or albumin.
  • Help with preparation, and serving and feeding of a well-balanced meal based on specified diet requirements.
  • When authorized, perform housekeeping such as making the patient’s bed, changing linens, keeping kitchen and bathroom clean, washing dishes and laundry. Also grocery shopping and picking up prescriptions.

Supervision of self-administered medication
in the home or limited to:

  • Obtaining the medication container from the storage area.
  • Preparing the necessary items such as juice, water, cups or spoons to assist the patient in self-administration of medication (s).
  • Reminding the patient that it is time to take the medication observing the patient self administer the medication
  • Observing the patients self-administer the medication (s).

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