Social Work Services


Essential duties and responsibilities:


  • Assess pertinent social and emotional factors in order to estimate the patient’s capacity and potential to cope with problems of daily living.
  • Assist the patient and family members in developing methods to assist in coping with the various medical, emotional and environmental problems relative to the patient’s illness.
  • Assist the physician and other members of other health care teams in understanding the significant social and emotional factors related to the patient’s health problems.
  • Assist the patient and family members in their understanding and acceptance of service necessary for rehabilitation.
  • Provide and refer planned services to restore the patient to optimum social and health adjustment.
  • Assist patient and family members with personal and environmental difficulties and changes which predispose toward illness or interfere with obtaining maximum benefits from medical care.
  • Identify and utilize available community health and welfare services to assist the patient to resume life in the community to the fullest extent possible and to learn to live within his functional limitations or disability.
  • Report to the physician and agency supervising the patient progress, significant changes in condition and response to treatment.

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